In addition to their opening scene that had Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond) defending the size of his penisSaturday Night Live also created a "Voters for Trump" ad that ended up being one of the funniest moments from last night's show—even though Jonah Hill wasn't featured. 

The ad starts simple and harmless enough with a bunch of ordinary-looking people expressing their support for Trump. One of them even uses his slogan, "Make America Great Again." Suddenly, however, everything gets pretty twisted. The nice, but creepy guy (Taran Killam) who's talking about jobs lifts his arm up to reveal a Nazi symbol sewn onto his sleeve. The kind woman (Vanessa Bayer) just ironing her clothes lifts up a white cloth to reveal a pointed hood and a KKK symbol sewn onto it. And so on. 

They are all nods to the controversies surrounding Trump from the last few weeks, including the weird heil-ing thing that happened a few days back, his son speaking to a renowned white supremacist, and the endorsement he received from the infamous KKK grand wizard David Duke.

Anyway, the ad, also featuring Bobby Moynihan, Aidy Bryant, Beck Bennett, and Kyle Mooney, concludes with a voiceover and text saying, "A message from Racists for Trump."

Check it out above.