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For nearly 40 years now, kids have all ages have picked up sticks and waived them around going “SCCHHHHOOOOOM!!!!”. Because everybody in the world secretly wants a lightsaber. Sadly however, British physicist Martin Archer however has ruined all your childhood dreams in one single YouTube video, by explaining why they could never exist in real life.

Ok, there are lot of things in Star Wars that aren’t realistic. Like intergalactic travel, the lack of gravity on space, and the multiple monsters. But lightsabers always seemed like something that could happen one day. But no. We’ll let Archer explain the hard science in the video, but basically they’d be crazy hot and dangerous, and if two plasma light blades actually clashed, they’d cause a massive explosion that would instantly melt your skin off.

So yeah, they ain’t coming anytime soon.

[via AV Club]