Censorship, as Eric Andre's penis recently reminded everyone, is a very silly concept. Thankfully, Earth has geniuses like British filmmaker Charlie Lyne out here trolling some of censorship's dearest friends: the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). Lyne, as reported by Mashable, successfully funded a 10-hour film starring drying paint via Kickstarter in an effort to protest that aforementioned silliness in the most appropriate way possible:

"I wasn't sure whether the project would mean much to people outside of the British film industry, let alone outside of the UK," Lyne tells Mashable, "but censorship seems to be a fairly universal concept, sadly." Lyne delivered his 10-hour opus late last week, with the BBFC enduring the film in two parts on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. "Like all British filmmakers, I'm at their mercy," Lyne adds.

"Examiners are required to watch a very wide variety of content every day," a BBFC spokesperson said in a statement to reporter Sam Haysom, "so this didn't phase them." Lyne is reportedly considering the possibility of actually screening Paint Drying, a seemingly monotonous production that is still of miraculously higher quality than any given Michael Bay film.