It looks like Civil War came earlier than planned. After Chris Evans praised Deadpool for being the awesomely vulgar and violent masterpiece that it was, Ryan Reynolds returned the love by tweeting his allegiance to Captain America.

However, as Robert Downey Jr. pointed out, Steve Rogers would likely be miffed at Wade Wilson’s flagrant swearing which, among other things like full-frontal nudity and graphic violence, earned the film an R rating. He tweeted, "Et tu, D-pool? Gimme a shout when Rogers boots you out for 'cussing'!" In Avengers: Age of Ultron, it was Rogers who reprimanded Stark for cursing and that scene has since become a running joke at the squeaky clean superhero’s expense.

Distinguishing himself from his big screen alter ego, Evans made it clear that he has no qualms about the harsh language in the film. He hit back, "Bullsh*t!! The cussing was my favorite part! (just don't tell my alter ego....or Kevin Feige....or my mom)."

Not to be outdone, Reynolds ended things on a high note by reminding everyone not to believe everything he says. "We both know I can't be trusted. #TeamHelloKitty," he wrote.

The feud might be fake but it undoubtedly brought some much-needed attention to Deadpool, which only brought in a measly $500 million worldwide so far.

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