On-set injuries, or worse, deaths, are a terrifying risk of the filmmaking process. A recent example of this involved a Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Mad Max: Fury Road stuntwoman suffering an injury that led to her arm being amputated after an accident on-set the upcoming Resident Evil movie. The most commonly heard about example is the unfortunate accident on the set of 1994's The Crow in which its star Brandon Lee was accidentally killed. In the vein of these terrible incidents an actor has been killed by a samurai sword during rehearsal for a play. 

CNN reports 33-year-old Japanese actor Daigo Kashino was killed mid-rehearsal. Kashino was allegedly stabbed in the stomach and rushed to a Tokyo hospital where he died hours later. 

According to the Associated Press Kashino was one of many actors rehearsing an action scene for the play when the incident happened. Kashino's fellow actors reportedly didn't see what happened and claimed to have only heard him "groan" and saw him "hunched over" writes CNN

Police didn't reveal information about the sword, like if it had safety features reports the AP. Police are investigating Kashino's death to find out whether or not it was an accident or a crime.