Telling a story, regardless of subject matter, is no easy task. If we're being real, most of your friends and family are probably pretty awful at conveying a series of events in a way that doesn't immediately have you hoping for complete silence. Thankfully, the Oklahoma woman at the center of the News on 6 clip above is definitely not awful at telling stories. In fact, the clip's nearly instant viral status and eventual Daily Dot cosign means everyone is really loving this.

Michelle Dobyne spoke with News on 6's Ethan Pierce after a fire at an apartment complex in Tulsa left "more than 100 people" without access to power. As she recounts in vivid detail, Dobyne was able to quickly escape her Casa Linda residence with her three children after a neighbor alerted her to the blaze.

Thankfully, no deaths or injuries were reported in the fire. A shelter, established by local Red Cross officials, has been opened at a nearby church. "I can't cook, I can't eat, I can't get warm," another resident told News on 6. "But I still got breath."