The CIA's super generous batch of declassified UFO documents in celebration of the return of The X-Files was nice and all, but this is way better. Todd Ray, the Guinness World Record holder for (not making this up) largest collection of two-headed animals and the owner of the popular Venice Beach Freakshow, has shared images of a bizarre alien-like creature with the Huffington Post's David Moye that are inarguably fascinating but ultimately kind of creepy:

That does, indeed, fall under the category of strange and is made all the stranger by the mysterious source of the creature. "I got a call from a guy in Arizona who said he found the dead creature in his yard," Ray tells the Huffington Post, revealing that he eventually gave the man his mailing address so that he could send him a photo of the alien-esque discovery. Instead of a photo, Ray received the actual creature.

Though some experts argue it could merely be the aborted fetus of "any number of species," others note that it appears to be some sort of an "amalgam" of tissue types. Moye reports that many are now calling for a DNA test, a move Ray reportedly endorses. "If he reads this," Ray says of the man who sent the package without any additional contact info. "I hope he contacts me."

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