North Korea has dominated the international scene this week with claims that they had successfully tested the launch of their first hydrogen bomb. This has led to worldwide condemnation in what is seen as the latest act of aggression from the 'Rouge Nation'. Whilst the rest of the world sits and watches, neighbouring country South Korea, who the DPRK have a long-standing 'feud' with, have decided to fight back in the most in the most imaginative way possible... with K-Pop.

They've been blasting K-Pop songs over the border towards their neighbours in the North. South Korea's Defence Ministry say they hope it will pique the interests of the listeners in the communist state. We reckon it just antagonises them, further adding fuel to the fire between the North and South.

Songs in the playlist include a song about '100 years of life', which was so popular that it inspired its own series of emoticons from the music video. Other songs come in the form of an all-female K-Pop band that gained notoriety when its members fell multiple times on stage.

According to Time:

“North Koreans are prohibited from listening to K-pop, and are allowed to listen only to government-controlled radio stations or TV channels. Despite that, North Korean defectors say South Korean music is popular in their home country, with songs and other elements of South Korea popular culture smuggled in on USB sticks and DVDs.”

Trust North Korea to deem K-Pop as a form of contraband.

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