Do you really want your cops referring to neighborhood residents as "hoodrats?" Seeing protesters as money to be made from overtime?

That's the kind of shit that an NYPD officer in Queens has been posting to Instagram, according to the Daily News.  The officer's account is now private, but screen grabs of the posts are circulating on Twitter.

There's this one, which says "I heart protesters," except the "heart" is a pair of handcuffs and the "ot" in protesters is highlighted to symbolize overtime. 

Then there's this one, about "hoodrats."

The Daily News reached out to the NYPD about the posts, and to see if the officer might get in trouble, and got back a generic statement: 

“Members of the service utilizing personal social media sites are to exercise good judgment and demonstrate the same degree of professionalism expected of them while performing their official duties."