2015 wasn’t kind to Meek Mill and 2016 hasn’t exactly been exemplarily for him either. Last year Drake convincingly owned the MMG rapper on wax with Back to Back (guess that’s what happens when ‘trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers’ eh?) whilst this month 50 Cent (who loves nothing more than dismantling a career or two) has set Instagram on fire with a slew of merciless memes mocking him.

But now you can help the Philly rapper get his own back in the form of this free to download game, Meeky Mill, developed by Otaku Gang. The 2D-side scroller has you take control of the down-on-his-luck rapper where according to the game’s synopsis:

“Your mission is simple: Help Meek get $1,000,000 before he takes too many losses from 50 Cent and Drake.”

We’re not sure if this is gonna help Meek’s real life problems or if it's just another way to troll him. If you wanted to you go just outright lose the game purposely because you’re salty that Nicki Minaj picked Meek and left Drake to spiral out in the friend zone forever. Whatever, the choice is yours.

Click here to download the Meeky Mill game for free so you can help him get his mojo back.