Facebook ended 2015 by taking users back to 1970. After a string of recent wins (putting an end to Candy Crush invites, facilitating blocking an ex out of a user's life)—or as close to a win as you can get as a no longer relevant social media platform that's still somehow flourishing—Facebook had a slip-up of the time-traveling kind. Facebook users received notifications congratulating them on their 46 years of Facebook friendship with their friends. 

First off let’s remind everyone Facebook came to be in 2004. So to celebrate users' 46-year friendships is hilariously absurd, only heightened by the fact that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wasn't even born 46 years ago. He was born in 1984. Facebook users found the humor in what was later identified to be a glitch posting their "On This Day" notifications as one TechCrunch writer noted a friend had done for their own friendship anniversary. TechCrunch reports the glitch was caused because of—stick with me—Unix time or Epoch time. This is said to count how many seconds have passed since Jan. 1,1970. 

Facebook is already working on resolving the glitch. Facebook spokesperson Chelsea Kohler released this humorous statement to TechCrunch: "We've identified this bug and the team's fixing it now so everyone can ring in 2016 feeling young again."