There’s a new Quentin Tarantino movie out on Friday in the UK—time to get hyped, right? Obviously, unless your local cinema is a Cineworld. Because the cinema chain isn’t showing The Hateful Eight, for some reason.

It appears to be some sort of beef with the film’s UK distributor Entertainment Film Distribution. They haven’t said any more than that though, just telling people on Twitter that they won’t be showing it.

So yeah, it sucks if you live near a Cineworld. The Hateful Eight does run over three hours long in its full version, which limits how many times they can show it in one day (or how many times you can also show Star Wars, which is still raking it in). If we were to guess, it could be something to with that. It also appears to be pulled from Pitcturehouse Cinemas, which are also owned by Cineworld.

[via Digital Spy]