Brie Larson has had quite the year. She starred in the acclaimed, but horrific Room, is a shoe in for an Oscar nomination, and has picked up a couple of pretty awesome-sounding future projects along the way. But perhaps her most important achievement is being given a rap name, "Young Brie."

In an interview with DeadlineStraight Outta Compton star Jason Mitchell spoke about the much-anticipated Kong: Skull Island, a film he's working on alongside Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, and none other than Larson herself. He had some sweet, funny, but most of all enlightening words to share about his costar.

"We get along. We kick it on our days off. I think we're both kind of in the same place mentally where we're not caught up on the hype of it or none of that. We're still at a super-homey point. No matter how much people talk about awards stuff, we still love it so much that everyday matters, every moment matters to us," Mitchell revealed.

Still, it wasn't the most revealing bit about Larson.

"It's dope working with somebody like that. I felt like I had to give her a rap name. She always wanted a rap name her whole life, so I'm like, 'you're Young Brie now.'"

The world is now ready for you, Young Brie.