A night out on the town for two Australian Average Joes turned into an episode of vigilante justice at the drop of a hat, er, flip-flop. The two men had been out drinking at a bar when they stepped out for a moment and witnessed a robbery. Instead of calling police the two took manners into their own hands to catch the thieves and they managed to get it all on video. Now they're talking about how the night went down in a hilarious interview.

The unlikely heroes, James Ross-Munroe and Kane Wiblen, spoke to Channel Nine's Today show after gaining internet fame for video of the incident, viewed over two million times since it was posted on Facebook on January 23. Ross-Munroe and Wiblen reportedly went out to the "servo" (Australian slang for "service station") when suddenly he "busted a plugger" (Translation: broke his flip-flop.) "I went to jump over a sign on the way slipped over and busted a plugger," said Ross-Munroe, which is where the video begins. From there Ross-Munroe spots a car pulling up and two men entering Oporto, a fast food joint, with "shirts on their faces." "I was pretty concerned about the blow out [breaking the flip-flop] I had but looked up and saw a white commodore pull up with these two blokes," Ross-Munroe told the Today show, causing the hosts to crack up. He recalled the situation being "suss" and decided to check it out walking over while wearing his remaining flip-flop, holding the other in his hand. That's when the "shirtless and shoeless"—as described by one of the Today hosts—heroes notice what's going down and take the keys out of the getaway car's ignition dumbfounding the thieves once they run out of the store and into the car. Ross-Munroe got in a few punches but the thieves fled on foot. 

Today show host Tim Gilbert, amused by Ross-Munroe's shirtlessness, commented that he looked fit and asked if he went to the gym. True to his Average Joe form Ross-Munroe responded with this golden quote: "Mate I don't go to the gym. I haven't been to the gym in years. The only gym I go to is Jim Beam, that's about it."

Police have caught one of the robbery suspects.