Adam Driver might be overreacting a tiny bit in the promos for his Saturday Night Live hosting gig coming up this weekend.

Granted, you don't mess with a man's french fries, and you really don't mess with a man's french fries when he's carrying a lightsaber in his pocket, but eating the last fry does not equate getting lit up with a damn laser sword. 

Maybe Driver isn't channeling his Star Wars character Kylo Ren as much as he's channeling his parody Twitter account Emo Kylo Ren. This definitely sounds like something Emo Kylo ren would say. 

Kate McKinnon: "Isn't this fun, we've never done promos in a diner before."

Adam driver: “I know why. Because I’m the new guy. And they don’t trust the new guys with the promos in the studio, so they brought us here, to this godforsaken diner to laugh and joke and dance like everything’s okay. But everything’s not okay.”

The episode airs this Saturday night at 11:30 on NBC.