Have you heard about this wild new thing called weed? Apparently, it's a plant that some people choose to smoke or ingest via joyously potent edibles. Some states aren't big fans of it. Others, like Colorado and Washington (represent!), have practically married the stuff. Somewhere in between those two polar opposites are states like New York, who opt instead to render the jolly green giant only medically legal. Bummer.

Until now, kosher medical weed was not a thing that existed. Vireo Health, a New York company clearly concerned with wisely cornering a market, has announced that it will soon start offering qualifying state citizens the chance to enjoy some non-smokable medical green that's been officially cosigned by the Orthodox Union. This certified goodness will reportedly be available as early as next month, the Associated Press reports.

The move, which AP says marks the "world's first certified kosher" medical weed, should certainly help introduce states like Alabama to the plant. As previously reported, apparently no one in that state has even heard of it. Just watch out for those notorious French fry joints.