Weed is a lot of fun. You know this. I know this. Science knows this. Sadly, not every state in this United Whatever of America agrees with that sentiment. Though certainly not as weed-unfriendly as Alabama, the recently confirmed champion of ridiculous anti-weed attitudes, Pennsylvania is sliding into headlines with a Daily Dot-revived video allegedly showing a police officer mistaking a "moldy old French fry" for a joint. Seriously.

Uploaded by YouTube user Joe Mugga, the clip shows the unidentified officer approaching the vehicle after allegedly pulling over a group of friends due to the fact that the vehicle's rear license plate light wasn't working. However, things quickly go quite south after the officer grazes his flashlight across the backseat and demands that everyone exit the vehicle after spotting a French fry.

Though this particular officer ultimately realized that French fries are in fact not weed, the difference between the two obviously needs restating.

For the record, these are French fries:

This is a joint:

Carry on.