Former DJ Zac Efron is taking it back to his roots in the new BuzzFeed-premiered trailer for Dirty Grandpa, a comedy centered on a decidedly less-than-clean grandpa effortlessly portrayed by Robert De Niro. As these things often go, the story revolves a grandfather and grandson duo for the ages on a death-spurred road trip that apparently takes a pleasant detour through chronic debauchery. There's a lot to unpack here, but we should really just focus on two things:

Zac Efron smokes crack. It's difficult not to applaud their decision to forego the now-boring party scene featuring stoned college kids doing stuff that's now legal across much of the country in favor of something far heavier: crack.

Robert De Niro, within the first few seconds of the trailer, says the phrase "giant labia." This doesn't really need any explanation or context. It's just fine like that. Are we ready for this one to sweep the Oscars with unanimous praise from the world's most esteemed critics? That's a real question.