When someone's making their career by mocking you, it's hard to say exactly how you should respond. Up until recently, Jon Stewart made his by mocking a ton of our most ridiculous figures on The Daily Show. One of his more frequent targets was Arby's, the second largest fast food sandwich chain in the United States. Fortunately, the chain had a sense of humor about it all.

Considering that Stewart has said things like, "C'mon Arby's, you're the only food classified as a war crime," "You taste like if a stomach could get punched in the balls," and "Arby's: You think pain and grief are hard to digest," it wouldn't be surprising if the chain retaliated with their own harsh words. Instead, they had a sense of humor about it all and decided to send Stewart and his The Daily Show team free lunch every time he made a crack at their expense. 

The AP had the opportunity to interview Arby's Chief Marketing Officer Rob Lynch in honor of a store the company will soon be opening in Times Square. Jon Stewart was also brought up.

"We had to make a tough decision. Do we send him a letter saying, 'We can't believe you're doing this—we use the highest quality ingredients.' Or do we play along," Lynch told AP. "So we sent him and his crew lunch, and they sent us back a letter saying, 'Usually when we make fun of people, they send us nasty letters. You sent us lunch. That's awesome." 

Back in the summer, the company also released a montage of every insult Stewart made of their brand in honor of The Daily Show's end.