We've all been waiting (and let's face it, dreading) Jon Stewart's final episode as the host of The Daily Show, and it was an emotional rollercoaster. With the first GOP debate behind us, and many, many more juicy moments in the 2016 presidential campaign ahead of us, American hero Jon Stewart will be sorely missed. But the comedian closed out the show, though, with a gentle reminder not to cry—the show would go on without him, he said. 

"This is a conversation. This show isn't ending. We're merely taking a small pause in the conversation," he told the audience. "A conversation, which by the way, I have hogged, and I apologize for that," he said with a laugh. (D'aww! We're not crying—you're crying.)

"Rather than saying goodbye or goodnight, I'm just going to say... I'm going to get a drink," he said, like a kind, cool friend you're just chatting with at the bar. Because Jon Stewart seems to know that all America really wants is to be able to pretend we're actually friends with Jon Stewart.

And with that, he launched into his last moment of Zen, with Bruce Springsteen and E Street performing "This Train Is Bound for Glory" and "Born to Run." Now if you'll excuse us, we'll be busy imagining what Jon Stewart's afterparty is like.