Where have drones been used thus far? As a (very) small start: ABC’s Scandal, a flying car scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, a Kremlin shot in Fast and Furious 6, and even 360 shots of Mary J. Blige in her recent music video “Doubt.” Basically, a drone’s capabilities and applications are limitless, and the more studios are seeing them used, the more ubiquitous they become.

A limited number of companies have formally been approved to use drones in production placing those organizations in high demand. “Not only are our phones ringing off the hooks for jobs from potential clients, but also people wanting to work for us,” Tony Carmean, a partner and producer at Aerial MOB, one of the first companies to receive FAA approval, told The Wrap

That is to say, drones are now a respected and coveted piece of technology, one with growing importance in the films of today and, undoubtedly, in those yet to be made.