On paper an hour-long Bill Murray Christmas special seems like a pretty entertaining way to spend an evening on your couch—egg nog and chill, right? After all, it’s the first time Murray has collaborated with director Sofia Coppola since the Oscar-winning Lost in Translation. Unfortunately, A Very Murray Christmas, a Netflix holiday special that's now streaming features a bunch of your favorite famous people singing alongside Murray, is a dull and mostly unfunny endeavor.

The premise is simple: Bill Murray, who sports a reindeer headband in the film’s first moments, is snowed in at the Carlisle Hotel. He’s supposed to be hosting a TV special (meta), but is worried that no one will show up considering the horrid weather conditions. To his surprise, the whole thing works out, thanks to the “guests,” “staff,” and some other people who just pop in.

While the whole thing is pretty cheeky, illogical, and unspecial—maybe on purpose—there were a few moments when I abandoned my Grinch ‘tude, and appreciated the musical stylings and random appearances from some of great Hollywood figures. Here’s a list, from worst to best, of some of the stars who showed up to help Murray out.