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Pitting two (or even three) superheroes against each other is serious business, so Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is taking itself very seriously. According to Screen Crush, Warner Bros. might release the film in 70mm so the brooding, the tension, and the spectacular fights will be seen just as director Zach Snyder intended.

Unlike Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight, which also showed in 70mm, theaters won't have to be fitted with special projectors just to screen the film; Snyder used conventional lenses to shoot Batman v Superman, so it should be compatible with modern projectors. Other films that have recently screened in 35, 60, or 70mm are Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master and Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, to name a few—and no matter what you thought of Nolan's space movie, you have to admit it was gorgeous.

Batman v Superman will probably also screen in regular old digital, so moviegoers can choose which screening to attend. (The truly dedicated can buy tickets to both and compare.) Will 70mm make much of a difference? To the untrained eye, probably not. But the fact Warner Bros. is considering it is an interesting testament to the state of modern film.