Tracy Morgan almost died last summer. He and five others were in a major six-vehicle accident that left Morgan in a coma for two weeks and his longtime friend James McNair dead. Things were looking dim for the veteran comedian. Many, including some in his inner circle, feared that Tracy would never be the same due to the traumatic brain and body injuries he suffered. Thankfully, he was able to get back on his feet and now he's performing again. He's set to go on tour next year and blessed us by returning to Saturday Night Live to host last month.

Morgan is also the latest spokesman for Foot Locker and is appearing in two spots highlighting the Week of Greatness and his triumphant return. The first one takes shots at imitators, while the second commercial shows Morgan crashing Aaron Rodgers' birthday party.

While one's life can never be same after a near-death experience, something like that can make a person realize how special friends and family are. That's the main thing Tracy took from his accident. Making people laugh is Tracy at his truest self, it's effortless for him. But while being a comedian is his bread and butter, his occupation pales in comparison to those close to him, and to the second chance he's been given. Yet and still, Hustle Man (my favorite Tracy Morgan character) is getting back to helping us forget the ills of life, if even for just a stand-up set—or a quick interview.

We only had about 10 minutes to chop it, but we were able to get some good stuff from the god. Morgan looked healthy and was funny as ever. I tried to hit him with a "what are those" but he did me one better by letting me know the kicks he was rocking were from Michael Jackson's personal closet. We also talked about his comeback, his favorite show Martin, and his PBJ sandwich game.

Check the interview below. (Spoiler alert: I sorta get sonned at the end.)