Remember the story of the guy who cried wolf Phuc Dat Bich? Well, now it’s over and has a less-than-fulfilling ending just begging for a quick reboot. The Australian-Vietnamese man known to so many as Phuc Dat Bich has now admitted that his name isn’t actually Phuc Dat Bich, it’s Joe Carr. For an extra layer of plot twist jokery, Joe Carr’s name also isn’t actually Joe Carr. According to a former classmate who reached out to Mashable, Phuc Dat Bich a.k.a. Joe Carr (Joker. Get it?) is actually legally known as Thien Nguyen:

"I've never believed it's necessary for it to be mandatory to have your entire name to be published on social media," the Artist Formerly Known as Phuc Dat Bich said in an impassioned Facebook post on Wednesday. "People should be free to use any name they desire. Facebook needs to understand that it is utterly impossible to [legitimize] a place where there will always be pranksters and tricksters."

Do you remember the story; The boy who cried wolf? Imagine that boy grew up into a mischievous man with 21st century...

Posted by Phuc Dat Bich on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Well played, the Artist Formerly Known as Phuc Dat Bich. Well played indeed.