He was the GOAT before Jordan, The Answer before Iverson, and The King before James. The Truth before Paul Pierce, The Servant before KD, and God before Shammgod. He is The Creator and The Finisher, The Almighty Heir who became "The Chosen One" without the need of intricate back tattoos or millions in sneaker company backing. But one important question remains:

Could He ball, doe?

Jesus Christ understandably means a lot of things to a lot of people. For centuries mankind has debated everything from His birth to His hair texture, and although there are currently over 2.2 billion Christians worldwide, a reported 33,000 different denominations tells us there have clearly been some disagreements along the way. But we're not here to discuss the nuances of biblical text or minor discrepancies concerning His diet. Nor are we here to ridicule or offend.

We simply want to know if He could ball. So we asked some friends for help.

Starting Lineup:

Pastor Rich Wilkerson
Senior Pastor, Vous Church​
Officiated the marriage of Kim Kardashian to Kanye West in Florence, Italy.
Docu-series for Oxygen Network expected to air December, 2015
Book Sandcastle Kings hits stores this November with artwork by Kanye West & the Donda Creative Team

Kenny Anderson
14-year NBA veteran
First-team All-American at Georgia Tech
Former NBA All-Star

Dr. Cavan Concannon
Assistant Professor of Religion ​at USC
B.A. Study of Religion / Ancient Greek, UCLA, 2001
M.Div. , Harvard Divinity School, 2004
Ph.D. New Testament and Early Christianity, Harvard University, 2010​

Gary S. Evans, D.P.M.​
Board Certified in Foot Surgery, American Board of Podiatric Surgery
Board Certified in Podiatric Orthopedics
Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Surgery
Fellow, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
Member, American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine
Member, American Podiatric Medical Association
Member, New York State Podiatric Medical Association​

Dr. John Brummer
Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine​
Former team doctor for two semi pro basketball teams
Member, American Board of Podiatric Surgery
Fellow, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
 Member, American Podiatric Medical Association 
Member, New York State Podiatric Medical Association
President, New York Division of the New York State Podiatric Medical Association

Spurs Jesus
Spurs Superfan
​Crime Fighter
Spreads Spurs love around the world while giving back to his community