Tinder has spawned about a million spin-offs, including Tinder for dogs, Tinder for sneakers, and Tinder in the Middle East (a.k.a. Matchmallows). But this newest Tinder-inspired app might be the dumbest idea yet. Rumblr, which calls itself the "Tinder for fighting," is an app that lets you street fight with other users for no reason other than a spike in testosterone. Thanks to the map feautre, you can also show up where other Rumblr users are Rumbling just to watch them Rumble. 

Just like Tinder, the app lets you anonymously choose who you want to fight, chat with your matches, and schedule fights. It even provides statistics like height, weight, level (whatever that means), and record so you can see in advance what you're up against. 

The app has yet to launch, but its Twitter feed is already full of potential users begging someone to kick the shit out of them.

What could possibly go wrong?