After a Texas Islamic center was defaced with feces-covered pages ripped from the Quran, a seven-year-old boy responded with an act of kindness not seen in those much older than him.

According to the New York Daily News, Jack Swanson heard what happened and dumped out his piggy bank to help. With the support of his mom, Laura, he donated $20-the entirety of his savings-to the center.

"It's disgusting, it's gross. It doesn't matter what you believe, or I believe, or he believes, or anybody believes, all faith is important," Laura Swanson said.

Jack’s small gestured didn’t go unnoticed. Mosque leaders expressed their gratitude for what he had done. "Jack's $20 are worth $20 million to us because it's the thought that counts," board member Faisal Naeem told ABC News.

No one has been charged for the incident.