Come on, Chick-fil-A. Have you guys learned nothing from your well-publicized 2012 marathon of homophobia? See, the thing is, a lot of people really really want to enjoy your presumably decent and quickly prepared food. However, you guys keep making it pretty difficult to do so. For their latest move, a Chick-fil-A in Texas is taking a firm stance on the side of the so-called Police Lives Matter movement by copping some blue gear for their employees:


Chick-fil-A restaurant manager Eli Advincula tells the Blaze that he wanted to "show support for Police Lives Matter" because officers "are out on our streets every day." According to Advincula, the new shirts are also meant to show support for their local high school football team, whose colors of choice are blue and green.

Since a few fellow humans clearly need a quick refresher course on the importance of the statement "Black Lives Matter" and the grave necessity for the continuation of such a movement, regardless of attempted countermovements such as Police Lives Matter or All Lives Matter, we turn to none other than President Barack Obama:

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