As sheer luck would have it, not everyone on this planet is an insufferable doofus. In fact, some people have proven themselves to be quite pleasant if not downright charming. Take, for example, this self-described "world's most random good Samaritan." Making good on his claims to be both "most random" and a "good Samaritan," this unidentified individual decided to reward a stranger with a free hubcap simply for existing:

Though this story, originally shared by ThatGuyBeezy on Reddit, doesn't include much in the way of biographical or geographical details, it's loaded with that savory sense of humanity that everyone craves most this time of year. Also, dude drops a totally justified and entirely admirable Xzibit reference without, apparently, even bothering to look up his name.

This hubcap incident, of course, is just another reminder that being nice is actually cool because, to quote Shia LaBeouf, "sincerity is the new punk rock." Indeed it is.

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