If last week's The Walking Dead taught us anything, it's that [NAME REMOVED] is either definitely dead, metaphorically dead, or the landmark AMC series' writers are just trolling us. As expected, the 90-minute post-death spectacular "Here's Not Here" avoided that topic entirely by instead offering a fascinating glimpse into the back story of fan favorite Morgan Jones and his troubled path to zen.

The episode marks an experimental turn for the increasingly lucrative franchise, a series with a habit of backing up its astronomical popularity with some admirable narrative risks that pay off far more often than they fall flat. Our friends over at Collider squeeze in as much recap action, review discourse, and general commentary on this one-off ethereal adventure as they possibly can in the latest Recap Show.

But is [NAME REMOVED] dead or what? True heads will note that [ACTOR's NAME ALSO REMOVED] was glaringly absent from the credits, a move which either proves AMC's trolling or points to an actual fatality. As for Morgan? Dude's been through it all and still manages to make emotionally informed decisions. Give him a round.