It has been just over 13 months since the premiere of Serial and there's huge news concerning the hit podcast's subject, Adnan Syed, who today had his case re-opened by a Baltimore Circuit Court judge, the Baltimore Sun reports. 

That means Syed will return to court for a post-conviction hearing where his lawyers can present new evidence in the hopes that he'll eventually be granted a new trial. 

Among that new evidence will be an alibi witness for Syed, as well as evidence calling into question the accuracy of cell phone tower data that was used to help place him near the body and convict him of first degree murder—two topics that will be very familiar to listeners of Serial

Syed, now 35, is serving a life sentence for the murder of his high school girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, who was killed back in 1999. 

Serial, which went on to become the most-listened-to podcast of all time, didn't take a side in the case, but did explore evidence that could have helped Syed during his original trial, such as Asia, a classmate who said she saw him in the public library at the time he supposedly murdered Hae. It's not clear why Syed's defense lawyer didn't use Asia's testimony at trial. 

A lawyer for Syed broke the news that Syed's motion to re-open the case had been granted on Twitter: 

It's still not clear when the new hearing will actually take place.