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While the rest of us couch potatoes were nursing a hangover (candy-induced or otherwise) the day after Halloween, some brave souls were running the New York City marathon. Among those brave souls were famous faces like Ethan Hawke, Alicia Keys, and 30 Rock’s Katrina Bowden. No newbie to the marathon, this year being her second, Bowden ran and ended up breaking her leg, but still managed to cross the finish line, albeit with a little help. Running 26 miles is already quite the feat, imagine doing it on a broken leg.

Bowden told the dramatic story on Instagram saying she had been recovering from a leg injury for the three weeks before the marathon. She said it wasn’t until mile 25 that her left leg, the one previously injured, had shooting pains so she jogged and walked. It got worse when she got to 25.75 miles and Bowden felt “something bad happened” in her leg, preventing her from moving. Luckily some fellow runners helped Bowden across the finish line, “basically carrying” her. In a later post Bowden would reveal a MRI showed she had broken her fibula bone. “The intense pain I felt right before mile 26 was my bone cracking,” wrote Bowden. Even after all of this Bowden’s marathon time was only three minutes slower than her time last year. What a trooper.

As someone who struggled running around the track for her high school gym class, inconveniently scheduled right after lunch, my hats off to Bowden.