Three undercover cops from Minneapolis were investigated recently after they allegedly got hand jobs from the ladies they were investigating during prostitution stings. 

The funny part is that the officers are now suing the city for releasing their names as part of that investigation, which also involved all of the women who were arrested having the charges against them dropped. 

The cops, Steve Lecy, Christopher Reiter, and Abubakar Muridi, were all reprimanded for the incident, but their lawyers their rights were violated when the department identified them, according to the Minneapolis Star-TribuneUndercover officers in Minnesota are protected by something called the Minnesota Data Practices Act.

As Gawker points out, the three alleged handies were captured on an audio recording that was described fairly hilariously by the newspaper.

Here's how they wrote about Lecy's encounter:  

On the recording, after nearly 30 minutes of small talk about tattoos, the weather and his broken hand, Lecy, who also compliments the woman’s anatomy, interrupts the massage and asks the woman if she wants him to flip onto his back. She begins touching his genitals as part of a naked “body-to-body” massage. Lecy can be heard moaning. A few moments later, he says the words “repeat customers,” code to backup officers that it’s time for an arrest. They then enter the room.

The other officers' encounters were similar in that the women allegedly began touching their junk, then backup showed up. 

So were these cops really just trying to make sure they were busting legit hookers, or were they having a little too much fun on the job. Let me play devil's advocate for a moment and ask, why would these guys risk their job for an incomplete HJ. Isn't half a hand job actually worse than no hand job at all?