Chris Rock, Marisa Tomei, Ludacris and now, Ne-Yo. The Grammy-winning singer stops by on tonight's new episode of Empire, the fifth in season two, titled "Be True." He's not playing a cannibal gangster, gay billionaire, or an evil C.O. though, but rather himself, and he's going on tour with Jamal. This is especially meta considering Ne-Yo joined the show as a songwriter this season to create original music for Jamal, alongside Timbaland.

When the series debuted Lucious and Jamal's main conflict stemmed from Lucious' inability to accept his son's sexual orientation. Since then, as family alliances have shifted, they've become closer, but this new clip suggests Lucious still disapproves of his son's boyfriend. Watch above as he flexes trademark Lucious Lyon manipulation in a blatant bid to get Jamal to leave his boyfriend at home while he goes on tour. Is Jamal over his desire to please Dad or will he fall susceptible to Lucious' obvious attempts to break up his relationship?