Competition shows foster plenty of rivalries, but few are as entertaining and light-hearted as the friendly squabbles between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton on NBC’s The Voice. So when the Maroon 5 frontman recently shaved his head, Shelton took shots on Twitter, comparing him to Voldemort, Squidward and even a sperm cell. But the country singer forgot  about one important thing: He who did not butcher "Hotline Bling" and ruin it for everyone else should cast the first stone. 

In a short clip uploaded by Late Night with Seth Meyers, the country singer said he downloaded an app called “Pic Stitch or something” to create the memes. He also explained how he searched the term “sperm” on Google and carefully selected the perfect picture for the final product.  If you’re into old man humor, check out the tweets below. 

However, Levine did clap back (if you can even call it that).