Remember when you finally went to some nameless dive bar to check out your pushy co-worker's experimental metal band? That shit was terrible, right? Thankfully, these angsty robots know how you feel and are here to deliver a level of metal mastery unseen in mankind since the dawn of guitar distortion.

Though the so-called "band" appears to not have a name, and may have a penchant for relying on backing tracks, the consensus still stands: robots are better than humans at crafting loosely organized metal chuggery. The clip, discovered by the Daily Dot, starts innocuously enough before quickly descending into full-on experimentation without a single commercial care in the world.

These elusive artists of musical brutality aren't currently giving interviews, making the task of theorizing about their possible inspirations quite difficult. However, a quick perusal of robots' inarguably difficult 2015 provides plenty of theoretical reasons behind their soul-baring art of the future.

The Robot Uprising continues.