Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, and there’s no one on earth who doesn’t love brunch, but there is a third, just as important, means of consuming food before the clock strikes noon. We’re talking the recovery dish. It’s not something that comes in a convenient wrapper, nor is it something you wait in line for hours to enjoy at a trendy eatery. It’s hearty, it’s packed with protein, and it is cooked in your very own frying pan. Since this meal is often consumed late in the morning (or early in the afternoon) it is absolutely appropriate to pair it with a beverage that has some kick—you will never go wrong with a Budweiser Chelada in that department. In the video above, Mexican singer, actress and total dime piece, Victoria “La Mala” Ortiz, takes us through the process of preparing her signature chilaquiles. The spice in the dish is the perfect match for the authentic Clamato in the Chelada, and will have you fully ready to face the day—no matter what went down the night before.