Whose App Is It: Kylie Jenner's
​But Why?: 'Cause fuck Snapchat.
How Is the Copy?: Surprisingly hype beast-y.
# of Naked Selfies: This is app shockingly tame. Like, I feel uncomfortable about how "Kylie" didn't make me feel uncomfortable.
Worth $2.99 a month, or $35.88 a year?: For the price of one large Dunkin Donuts iced coffee per month, this app could be yours. Coffee is delicious though.
Tyga Approved™?: Not that he's allowed to disapprove of anything Kylie does, but yes. Ohhhh yes, he'll approve of this.

For some time now it's been clear that Kylie Jenner has the most lit Snapchat. It's a thirst trap in seven seconds or less; she eats Popeye's on it once in awhile—it's gotten to the point that her Snapchat stories become actual aggregated news stories. Which is to say that Snapchat must be really bummed to lose Kylie. Now that she has her own livestreaming property, I'd expect every uncomfortably sexual snap to go there. Already her app has a 15-second video of her birthday party in Mexico and another clip of her visiting a children's hospital—the ones where she stands in front of mirror gyrating in workout clothes must be imminent. "We're washed," an anonymous Snapchat executive was heard saying over lunch.

Kylie's app is considerably and refreshingly less cluttered than her sisters' apps. It has the expected posts about lips, not-fake boobs, and nails (or "klaws," as Kylie calls them), but I think Kylie's planning on making livestreaming the main attraction of her app. I don't know if that means anything to me, but it does to a lot of other people—Kylie won the Kardashian App War yesterday. Can't wait to read a story on Us Weekly two days from now about Kylie licking Tyga's teeth during one of her livestreams.