Everyone has his or her favorite remedy for the pain and discomfort that comes on the heels of an epic night out. For some, preventative measures like pumping fluids and taking Advil before you fall asleep is the preferred way to counteract the strains that arise from a long night of partying. Many New Yorkers will tell you that a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich from a bodega is the only way to recover from a night of serious shenanigans. The more health conscious among us might prefer coconut milk or kombucha. We could debate the science behind various cures and remedies until the cows come home. The point isn’t that there is a particularly perfect cure. If you find a routine that results in a smoother Sunday morning, you have a better chance of making it to work on Monday, whatever that trick may be. I’ve personally never met anyone who isn’t helped by a huge, greasy chicken-fried steak smothered in gravy on a Sunday morning, but, again, to each their own.