Frisky couples sexing it up in public spaces sometimes get lucky (in more ways than one) and get let off the hook with only a flight attendant shout out, while other couples like this one, get into legal trouble.

A couple on their first date couldn’t wait to get home to close the deal, opting to have sex on a train ride when they were heading from London Liverpool Street and Clacton-on-Sea. The couple, Gavin Maguire, 40, of Chigwell, Essex, and Allison Jennings, 39, of Chelmsford, Essex, horrified passengers, including some children.

According to case prosecutor, Kathy Wilson, a woman gave her eyewitness account saying, “The female was leaning against the man's chest and the man had his hands over the woman's dress rubbing her vagina area.” Another woman who sat near the couple told police Jennings’ dress was "hitched up around her waist." Other passengers reported hearing loud noises from the couple, with one man who was sitting near them saying, “I have seen enough” as he walked away. 

A family got on the train at Stratford with children ages 8 to 11. Two children apparently sat near the couple before their mother realized the couple was getting it on and moved the children to a different wagon.

Maguire later told police he and Jennings met earlier that day and that they both had had a lot to drink, but he denied they had sex.

Maguire eventually admitted to one charge of outraging public decency.  He was ordered to complete 100 hours of community service within 12 months in addition to paying a £180 fine and £80 court costs.

Jennings admitted to the same charge and was given a 12-month conditional discharge.

[via Mirror]