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Tinder is a dating app, and it’s pretty successful. You’ve probably heard of it. In just three years it has revolutionised how we hook up and get down. And everyone has an opinion about it.

Including the magazine Vanity Fair, who published a cover story, calling the app the “dating apocalypse”. It was pretty critical, with a psychology professor saying it will lead to people adopting “a short-term mating strategy”, more divorces and shorter-term relationships.

Now, you might agree with that. Or you might think it’s rubbish. But Tinder wasn’t very happy.

Tinder’s Twitter when on a 31-Tweet rant about the article.

They called out the journalist who wrote it.

And generally just about how great Tinder is.

There were 31 Tweets in all, and they are all still up there.  

Calm down Tinder, you just sound desperate.

[via The Guardian]