Most of us have thankfully never tried chewing tobacco, the (con) artist also known as dip, and our position in society is better for it. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that most of us have probably never even been in the general vicinity of dip. For those with the distinct displeasure of witnessing its usage in action, reality is unkind. Often reserved for faux cowboys and dangerously close to becoming the dumb ironic alternative to the e-cigarette, all you really need to know is: spit cup. Yes, those frequenting the practice of dipping often carry around a technologically inept device known as a "spit cup," in which the dipper's surplus saliva must reside.

So, what gives? Is dip really all that disgusting? What does it taste like? Does using it automatically turn you into a cowboy? We asked our resident scientists to submit regular people to the tedious task of finding out. The results? See for yourself above.