London is currently sprawling with pop-up cinema events right now, from showing Anchorman on a roof-top, or in hot tubs, or whatever the hell ‘Pillow Cinema’ is. But they all seem to be crazy-expensive.

This is where the new outdoor cinema at the ‘London Riviera’ on the Southbank is different. As part of the More London Free Film Festival, from September 2 there will be a 1,000 seater amphitheatre showing films like Selma, Ghostbusters, Zoolander, and Frozen for free. Here’s what’s showing, and all the films start at 7.30pm (no booking required, seats are first come, first served):

September 2: The Imitation Game

September 3: Paddington

September 8: Ghostbusters

September 9: To Kill a Mockingbird

September 10: Frozen

September 11: The Theory of Everything

September 16: Moulin Rouge

September 17: Selma

September 18: Big

September 22: Still Alice  

September 23: Zoolander 

September 24: The Sound of Music

See more information on the London Riviera and More London website