The reign of Batfleck is about to be even longer. An unnamed industry insider recently disclosed to Den of Geek that a pseudo-final cut of Batman v Superman recently screened for the Warner Bros. brass received a standing ovation, and they're particularly high on Ben Affleck's turn as the Caped Crusader.

According to this source, WB now plans on making Batman the center of the DC Comics films universe and will probably officially sign him on for a full Batman trilogy instead of just the single outing (set to be directed by Ben) that was already announced. One quote even goes as far to say the WB execs consider Affleck's performance to be the "definitive Batman." If he does indeed do his own trilogy, that opinion might go on to become truth just from a numbers standpoint—in addition to Batman v Superman, the Justice League movie, and an appearance in Suicide Squad, a trilogy would give Ben Affleck six turns as Batman total, making him the longest running actor to play the Dark Knight on film. This is all just a rumor now, but the recent announcement that two of Affleck's non-superhero films have been pushed back does make one wonder. Cheer up, Sad Batman, you're about to be here for a very long time.