If you're really into getting drunk but not that into drinking, Alcoholic Architecture has you covered. Instead of a cold one, the futuristic bar serves its patrons a supersaturated mist of gin and quinine that it sprays directly into the air, explains Wired. All you have to do is stand around, inhale, and exhale. An hour in the bar is equivalent to one strong drink. 

Because the bar is located on the site of one of the UK's most ancient monasteries, its drink list is comprised of wines and beers originally made by monks — including a wine so strong that Scotland is trying to ban it from the country. The bar's owners have been perfecting their knowledge of boozy mist for six years. According to their website patrons absorb alcohol through their lungs, obviously, but also through their eyeballs. 

Alcoholic Architecture will only be open until early 2016, but so far patrons look pretty ecstatic about their alcoholic mist experience:

Let's hope this whole alcoholic air thing is the wave of the future.