The long awaited Wet Hot American Summer series finally dropped on Netflix today. It makes perfect sense that the newly minted original series juggernaut would reboot the 2001 cult classic: most of the film's stars have gone on to bigger and better things; the film's director, David Wain, has had a consistent directorial track record; and the film has gone down as one of the most beloved comedies in recent memory. Given all of the comedy nerd love swirling around the original film, it is easy to forget that the film was incredibly weird.

Most cult comedies are strange. Not that Zoolander and The Big Lebowski are standard Hollywood fare, but Wet Hot American Summer is unique because it doesn't tell an odd story, it incorporates an absurdist sketch comedy sensibility into the fabric of a tired movie premise. The film starts off feeling like a parody, but quickly stretches summer camp clichés past their breaking point and into the realm of absurdity. Eventually, the film goes beyond parody entirely and becomes a send-up of the idea of film parody itself. 

As we prepare for our ridiculous, trippy return to Camp Firewood, let's look back at The Most Absurd Moments in Wet Hot American Summer.