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Hannibal Buress, funny person extraordinaire, paid a visit to a vegan PETA demonstration and caused a ruckus. (A hilarious ruckus.) The comedian came prepared with tough questions ("So you're saying you would be like, a vegan wolf?"), a fur coat pimp walk, and protest signs that read, "CHILL OUT."

"Would you consider yourselves the Black Panthers of animal protesting?" Buress asked a woman wearing a shirt that says "End Circus Cruelty."

"I think it's the civil rights movement for animals," the woman was happy to tell Buress. "I think Martin Luther King was an inspiration, and if we can be the Martin Luther King for animals, why not?"

Pause. "What?" was Buress' response.

The whole thing is filled with moments like these—like when Buress asked a man who was part of a campaign to save dolphins if he knew that dolphins sometimes rape.

"Yeah I have [Googled that], actually" said the man.

"You gotta get your morals together, man." BURESS OUT. Watch the video above and try to keep a straight face.

[via Comedy Central]