How much does it cost to live in SoHo? According to data complied by Zillow, the average price for a home in SoHo is just under $3 million. But what does that get you anywhere else in America? As it turns out, a lot of homes. 

The folks at CityLab compared the median price of homes (as estimated by Zillow) in more than 11,000 ZIP codes with the price of one home in SoHo. Along the Northeast corridor and in burgeoning tech hubs like San Francisco and Seattle, housing prices aren't so different—but, ho boy, in the Midwest and the South? In Detroit? IN FLORIDA? It's whole 'nother story.

You can buy 26 homes in Cincinnati for the cost of one SoHo home. Or you could take that money, and head to Memphis and buy 38 homes. In the heart of Detroit, you can buy 68 homes with the amount of money it takes to put a roof over your head next to that Chobani store on Prince Street.

But SoHo is bad even compared to other super pricey metro areas. Take Silicon Valley: in San Jose, where unsustainable housing prices are an ongoing subject in local politics, you can almost four homes for the price of one SoHo apartment.

Think about that—and then be thankful for your two-bedroom in Bushwick. 

[via CityLab