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Convicted murderer, Luka Magnotta seems to have had better luck with online dating than the rest of us. After having his profile up on the dating site, Canadian Inmates Connect, for about a month, Magnotta requested to have it removed because he “found what he was looking for”.

According to the site’s founder, Melissa Fazzina, Magnotta sent her a letter marked “confidential” thanking her for her service and asking for his profile to be removed. In his profile, Magnotta said he was looking for a single, white male who was “loyal, preferably educated, financially and emotionally stable for a long term committed relationship.”

Fazzina told The Canadian Press the letter she received didn’t offer any more details about why he wanted his profile removed. But she’s sure a lot of people are relieved he’s no longer on the website. She reported experiencing a lot of backlash after she posted his profile in the first place, but her website has never exactly been popular with the public anyway.

By posting his profile, some people accused her of giving Magnotta the attention he craved since the end of his high profile trial in December. But Fazzina has been a defender of prisoners’ rights since she started the website four years ago. “I explained to everyone, I treated Luka Magnotta no differently than any other inmate. This is a human right that all of these inmates are entitled to.” 

Magnotta is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of exchange student, Jun Lin in 2012. Reports have suggested he already gets a lot of fan mail despite the extremely violent nature of his crime, and his struggles with mental illness. But if Luka Magnotta can still find love while in prison, there must be hope for the rest of us too.